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South Jersey Quail Project

Annual Youth Education Conservation Days


Our Annual Youth Conservation Day was held on Saturday, April 27th at Covia Field #2 in Port Norris, NJ. Fun filled day with kids events, learning about environmental careers, the quail and other wildlife who benefit from the habitat we create. Crafts, hayrides, food, scavenger hunt, goodie bags, community service,  planting, seeding, Bobwhite chicks and adults and Smokey the Bear.  Thank you to all who contributed and supported the event!

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On 4/7, SJQP hosted a Youth Education Conservation Day at Unimin Corp grounds. What a blast! Donuts, hay rides, bird feeders, pizza, certificates, goodie bags, planting, seeding, education, conservation, habitat creation, dog show, quail chicks from Northern Snow Quail Farm, and adults from Hider's Quail Farm, oh my! Special thanks to Smokey the bear, NJ Forestry Service, NJ Audobon, NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife, and all the kids! A little chilly this year, but what a great time! We learned a lot and laughed even more! Thanks to ALL who participated! See you next year!!!

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SJQP and Cumberland County Poultry Pride 4H Club participated in a youth event on Saturday April 22nd (Earth Day) on the grounds of Landis Sewerage Authority habitat project site. Children planted a variety of plants and seeds beneficial to grassland wildlife. The kids were given a brief informational program by the Division of Fish and Wildlife and SJQP, the Forestry Dept. and watched a dog training demonstration given by SJQP member, Ken Sass. Thank you, Ken! A special appearance by Smokey the Bear and Miss Cumberland County, Sarah Pepitone who assisted with the plantings, made the day even more special. Culminating the agenda was lunch for everyone. Despite the on again, off again rain showers and cool temperatures, it was a great day.
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