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South Jersey Quail Project

Project Report


Spring and Fall trash pick-ups are another way SJQP does their part to help the environment and ensure the roadsides are pristine. The first of our biannual trash pick-ups was in Commercial Twp. on 3/25.

three men standing next to the back of a grey pickup truck. Black trash bags in the back of the pickup truck Three people walking down the street away from the camera with white buckets in their hands

SJQP members conduct Roadside Trash Pickups each Spring and Fall SJQP. Members clean up several miles of roadway at two different SJQP habitat restoration projects in Cumberland County which greatly enhances SJQP’s work in the adjacent fields. Thank you to all members for making this a great success!
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SJQP members attended a Mine Safety and Health Classes this spring. These MSHA classes are required annually. Successful completion of the classes enables SJQP members to conduct project operations at local mining sites.

Under the direction of SJQP Board Member, Billy Cooper, our tractors are hard at work on projects sites this Spring. Discing, mowing and rototilling and seeding are the order of the day, in addition to routine habitat maintenance and disturbance. We are proud to announce the creation of more than 1500ft. of wildflower and pollinator plantings. Hats off to Unimin Corp for their fierce conservation ethic and generous support that make projects successful each year.

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Till next time, remember those words of the greatest Americans greatest conservationist, Theodore Roosevelt who said, “Neither the wildlife nor the natural resources can speak for themselves, therefore we must and we will.”


South Jersey Quail Project

“Ensuring habitat for all!”

Federal Funding is available to private land owners to restore Northern Bobwhite habitat on agricultural land: 

Landowners in Ocean, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland and Atlantic Counties are eligible to apply.
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