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South Jersey Quail Project

Project Report

SJQP members conduct Roadside Trash Pickups each Spring and Fall SJQP. Members clean up several miles of roadway at two different SJQP habitat restoration projects in Cumberland County which greatly enhances SJQP’s work in the adjacent fields. Thank you to all members for making this a great success!
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SJQP members attended a Mine Safety and Health Classes this spring. These MSHA classes are required annually. Successful completion of the classes enables SJQP members to conduct project operations at local mining sites.

Under the direction of SJQP Board Member, Billy Cooper, our tractors are hard at work on projects sites this Spring. Discing, mowing and rototilling and seeding are the order of the day, in addition to routine habitat maintenance and disturbance. We are proud to announce the creation of more than 1500ft. of wildflower and pollinator plantings. Hats off to Unimin Corp for their fierce conservation ethic and generous support that make projects successful each year.

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Till next time, remember those words of the greatest Americans greatest conservationist, Theodore Roosevelt who said, “Neither the wildlife nor the natural resources can speak for themselves, therefore we must and we will.”


South Jersey Quail Project

“Ensuring habitat for all!”

Federal Funding is available to private land owners to restore Northern Bobwhite habitat on agricultural land: 

Landowners in Ocean, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland and Atlantic Counties are eligible to apply.
On Saturday, August 8th, 2015 SJQP had the pleasure of having Don Mckenzie, Northern Bobwhite Conservation Initiative Director visit with us after the NBCI Conference in Galloway Township NJ.  We visited the Landis Sewerage Authority property along with plant manager Dennis Palmer and LSA Board Member Steve Erikson.  This site contains habitat, not only for quail, but lots of milkweed that sustain the Monarch butterflies.  Don was surprised to see such fine habitat exists here in South Jersey.  
Next we toured the Unimin site, where Don made some suggestions on ways to improve  that habitat. Later, at the US Silica project site Don gave us some helpful insights on improving the landscape. After visiting these three sites, Don was pleased with the work in progress, and how we will be moving it forward.Once again, we would like to thank our corporate supporters, LSA, US Silica and the Unimin Corporation.
It was a very good visit, and we look forward to continuing our work to bringing back the native bobwhite quail.

The Spring of 2015 has been very busy for SJQP along with continued habitat work at project sites at US Silica, Landis Sewage Authority (LSA), Wheelabrator West Deptford, and the Unimin Corporation.

 SJQP was awarded a grant from the Norcross Foundation.  This grant has enabled SJQP to enter into a lease-purchase agreement for a model 1320 used Ford tractor.  With help from other donations, a brush hog, and fertilizer seeder-spreader have been purchased.  This equipment will allow SJQP to plant pollinator mixes along with blackberries, and Chickasaw plum bushes.  Native milkweed has also been planted to provide a dual role to both quail and Monarch butterflies, in addition to providing cover for young chicks. 

 SJQP is also doing a project at the LSA’s (Landis Sewage Authority) 1800 acre site to remove greenbriar, and other unwanted brush.  In an effort to be more environmentally friendly goats will be used to remove this vegetation.

 SJQP participates in the Clean Communities Act and conducts roadside clean ups along the US Silica and Unimin project sites on a regular basis. 

 SJQP has become a member of the Tall Timbers Research Center in Tallahassee Florida.  Tall Timbers is the foremost authority on grassland/wildlife restoration and rehabilitation in the nation. In addition to Tall Timbers, SJQP maintains a working relationship with NBCI (Northern Bobwhite Conservation Initiative), headquartered at the University of Tennessee, under the leadership of Don McKenzie, PhD.  Together these organizations provide the criteria for the effective restoration through their research, which SJQP uses for habitat work.  With these efforts SJQP is working to restore and reverse the decline of wild Bobwhite quail and other grassland inhabitants to South Jersey.

 SJQP would like to thank the Tractor Supply Company for allowing us to purchase equipment and other supplies at a discount that enables us further our mission.  We are proud to have them as a partner in our endevours. 

 SJQP wishes to thank US Silica, the Unimin Corporation, the Landis Sewage Authority, and Wheelabrator WTI, West Deptford for the having the insight to permit us to restore degraded landscapes to historic conditions for an entire suite of grassland wildlife.

Appreciation to Tricounty Longbeards and New Jersey Waterfowlers for their continued dedication and support.
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