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South Jersey Quail Project

Habitat • Stewardship • Wildlife


Meetings are held second Tuesday of every month at the Laurel Lake Club House at the end of

201 SW Lakeshore Drive in Millville, NJ 08332

SJQP is honored to be one of South Jersey Industries biannual Social Investment program grant recipients. We will use this grant to help further our habitat reestablishing efforts. Thank you from our Trustees and Membership!

Listen to 99.9FM WSNJ Sportsman’s Hotline on Friday's at 5pm, as SJQP are periodic guests of the show.

Doug Ramseur

On January 25th, SJQP lost one of its dearest members and former Chairman, Doug Ramseur. His memory will forever live in our hearts. His gentle nature had a way of bringing people together. He firmly believed in our cause and we will always remember his contributions. The Project will honor his wishes to go forth with our mission and leave a legacy he can be proud of!

South Jersey Quail Project hit the ground running in 2017. Kick starting the New Year under the direction of newly appointed SJQP Chairman Terry Hider, the group complimented our implement arsenal with the addition of a brand new rototiller. This new equipment will enable us to provide favorable seed beds for wildflower and pollinator plantings. Birds, bees and butterflies are thrilled with this new  purchase.
Terry at home on his tractor

A monumental day for SJQP, as Dr. Theron Terhune, Game Bird Program Director of Tall Timbers Research Station and Land Conservancy extended a warm welcome to President Terry Hider and his family last week. SJQP has been a longtime supporter, partner and follower of Tall Timbers research and practices. They are the foremost experts in fire dependent ecosystems and wildlife of which includes the Bobwhite Quail. They were given a tour of the grounds, including reclaimed forestry, controlled burn plots in various stages of regrowth, and pristine upland game habitat perfect for excellent quail propagation. Theron’s hospitality was second to none. Much invaluable knowledge was gained and will be shared with the membership, and will be directly applied within the project. From the bottom of our hearts, we can’t thank Theron enough for dedicating an entire day to our visit. We thank Tall Timbers for a wonderful day! They have some very special staff, who are conducting superior work!

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SJQP and Cumberland County Poultry Pride 4H Club participated in a youth event on Saturday April 22nd (Earth Day) on the grounds of Landis Sewerage Authority habitat project site. Children planted a variety of plants and seeds beneficial to grassland wildlife. The kids were given a brief informational program by the Division of Fish and Wildlife and SJQP, the Forestry Dept. and watched a dog training demonstration given by SJQP member, Ken Sass. Thank you, Ken! A special appearance by Smokey the Bear and Miss Cumberland County, Sarah Pepitone who assisted with the plantings, made the day even more special. Culminating the agenda was lunch for everyone. Despite the on again, off again rain showers and cool temperatures, it was a great day.
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The following information was supplied by NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife:
The "bad" grass list.

Mean seeds: A threat to your sporting dog?

We would like to thank Jackie’s Tax Service for their continued support!

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